What is the best way to recharge your smartphone? USB Type-C, wireless, fast charging?

What is the best way to recharge your smartphone? USB Type-C, wireless, fast charging?

USB Type-C

The USB Type-C is the new kid this year. This is the new standard in terms of connectivity that will come replace the old micro USB 2.0 port. The Type C USB is able to pass a much greater electrical intensity that couples perfectly with fast charging. The transfer rate of data passes thus 1.2 GB / s, against 60 MB / s in USB 2.0.

The Type-C USB port is also known as a reversible. This quickly makes mistakes when charging the mobile but also to recharge the battery of one or more devices (depending on the size of the battery of the source).

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 USB Type C
What may look like USB Type-C is not necessarily USB Type-C. AndroidPIT

The true Type-C USB port uses the USB 3.1 standard, but on some devices, like the OnePlus 2, the Type-C USB cable is just a redesign USB 2.0 cable. This means that with the included cable, it will not be possible to transfer data faster.

In addition, a redesigned USB 2.0 cable will not charge a device with a Type-C USB port faster than a regular 2.0 cable because it's the same inside. However, the loading speeds are more limited by the terminal than by the cable.

A Type-C USB cable can charge up to 100W 20V, while most smartphones are 18-24W (and the OnePlus 2 10W). Most smartphones equipped with a Type-C USB port will be limited to 36W 12V.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging usually works with some standards. Qi, PMA, WPC are the most common. Some devices, such as Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy Note 5 support both Qi and PMA standards, making it easier to find compatible chargers.

Wireless charging, however, has costs. It drives more heat to the battery and is slower by 20% on average. To give an example, the cable to charge the Nexus 5 works 1.2A and the wireless charger 1A. Some wireless chargers only charge half the speed. The Qi standard is 5W, l or the Type-C can reach 100W.

ZENS Single Wireless Charger 1
The wireless charging is very pleasant. AndroidPIT

The other side of the wireless charging is littral. Charging stations and compatible docks have a high cost. Accessories are therefore more expensive than conventional cables. To give you an order of idea, a Type-C USB cable can negotiate around 5 euros, against an average of 30 euros for a wireless dock.

samsung galaxy s6 software
The Galaxy S6 offers fast charging AND wireless charging. AndroidPIT

Fast charging

In the absence of a battery life limitless, fast charge is the most interesting innovation of recent years. The Quick Charge 1.0 technology from Qualcomm appeared at the time of the Nexus 4 already had a load 40% faster. The Quick Charge 2.0 was 75% faster and the Quick Charge 3.0 is 4 times faster than the traditional charge.

Quick Charge 2.0 is available since the HTC One M8 and Quick Charge 3.0 is starting to appear on new phones, like the HTC One A9.

samsung schnellladegeraet
The turbo charger is the most widely used option. Samsung

In general, the life of a battery depends on charging cycles, although other factors such as heat, humidity and damage can have effects. Lithium-Ion batteries do not have memory like some types of older batteries, which means they do not need to be fully drained and fully charged. Their lifetime is therefore always calculated in terms of complete charge cycles.

If you want to understand how partial loads affect total charge cycles, you can visit the excellent Battery University website for more information.

Quick charge 3 0 qualcomm
Qualcomm's Quick Charge is one of the most popular technologies for fast charging. Qualcomm

But how does the fast charge then affect the life of the battery?

If you use the supplied charger (or an optional accessory), the life of your battery will not be affected by a fast charge. But a battery with a fast charge will always die more prematurely than a regular battery designed for a softer charge.

If you use fast chargers that are not designed for your device, variations in intensity, voltage, and resistance can cause problems. The fast charge is based on a special hardware built into the charger and a chip in your phone that helps regulate the amount of charge in your phone. Changing the ingredients in this recipe can cause problems.

motorola quick charger 6
Fast charging, turbo charging, fast charge, quick charge … ANDROIDPIT

Fast wireless charging

This is a new technology that has just appeared. Samsung has introduced its new fast charging wireless dock along with the presentation of its new Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge +. The accessory is optional and is not retro-compatible with the S6 and S6 edge.

Is there a difference?

The fast wireless charging promises to be 1.4 times faster than the Qi Qi wireless charging with a 15W charging cap, three times the current standard. According to Samsung, you can charge your Note 5 or S6 edge + 50% faster with fast wireless charging than you would with conventional wireless charging.

samsung charging station
This is the future of wireless charging: fast wireless charging. AndroidPIT

With only two compatible devices, it's hard to get a lot of perspective on this technology, but there is no doubt that this is the future of wireless charging. Other compatible smartphones are expected to arrive in the coming months.

What is the best way?

Everything depends on what you want as a battery. If you want to extend the life of your battery as much as possible, a standard cable to charge your smartphone is your best choice. If, on the contrary, you prefer convenience and disassemble the cables, then wireless charging is made for you.

But if it's the charging time that interests you the most, then it's a good idea to turn to a smartphone that offers fast charging or a Type-C USB port. If you are more demanding and want the best of both worlds, then you have to turn to a Note 5 or S6 edge + with wireless fast charging.

USB Type C macro image
USB Type-C is the future but there are good alternatives. Google

In all honesty, a mixture of all methods is the most likely solution. You can use the quick charge o your fast charge adapter stays, wirelessly charge at the office where you have your wireless dock, and with a regular cable at your friend's.

Which method of loading do you prefer? Is charging technology an important criterion when you buy a phone? Let us know in the comments.

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