What if Apple bought Facebook in 2011?

What if Apple bought Facebook in 2011?

Curious speculation that comes from the Saxo Bank, it believes that Apple may soon buy no more and no less the Facebook network. In any case, the Danish investment bank made its economic forecasts in this sense for next year.

"What do you do when you want to dominate the electronic equipment market and you don't have a significant presence in social networks? Oh, and a war treasure of around $ 51 billion? You buy Facebook. (…) It makes perfect sense: Facebook does not compete with Apple and faces Google, which Jobs likes since Google has become its new enemy number one. (…) The huge base of more than 500 million Facebook users could be integrated with that of consumers of Apple products and services. Each Facebook user would automatically have an account on the iTunes Store, for example ”

In October, journalist Peter Kafka of All Things Digital already caused a sensation by indicating that he had put in mind that Apple could very well buy Facebook soon. According to him, such an acquisition could be an excellent opportunity for the Cupertino company, given the complementarity of the two companies and the fact that they are not competitors. This is not particularly the case for a company such as Google whose Facebook ambitions do not come close, which is not going to displease Steve Jobs.

The fact remains that the Cupertino company, whose valuation is now between 25 and 35 billion dollars, could afford the luxury of paying the famous social network. Even if the two strong men of these companies met to discuss in particular the Facebook Connect integration within the Ping platform, it could be that negotiations have started far behind the scenes?

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