What does Apple have in store for 2013?

What does Apple have in store for 2013?

The aficionados the Apple brand have something to celebrate about Apple’s future announcements for 2013? An analyst offers his predictions which have enough to hold up…

What does Apple have in store for 2013? This year promises to be colorful and filled with “exciting” announcements that will “heat” the credit cards of aficionados the apple brand? To find out, or at least have a little idea, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities went there with his little predictions. In a table rvl through the site Apple Insider, the renowned analyst for his often reliable information, draws there the next announcements from Apple, month by month, and according to all the ranges.

IPhone 5S with fingerprint reader

Concept of iPhone 5S imagined by a user DR

Thus, we learn without surprise that a more efficient iPhone 5S to be marketed in the summer. Apple's flagship product would incorporate an A7 processor and … a fingerprint reader! At the same time, Apple would take the opportunity to announce the arrival of its “low cost” iPhone whose back cover is designed from plastic. These products to be marketed in late June or early July, just after Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

An iPad 5 inspired by the design of the iPad mini

Concepts of iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 imagined by a user DR

Unsurprisingly, it’s likely to be until the fall to see the next generation of iPad and iPad mini. According to the analyst, the next tablet should not evolve too much, except that it should resume the design of the iPad mini. The iPad 5 would therefore be thinner, lighter and with side edges significantly closer to the screen. Its notch should not change and would still be 9.7 ″. As for the iPad mini, it should be released at the same time as its big brother and have a Retina display of 2.048 x 1.536 pixels. A specification that would allow developers not to adapt their application (s).

Reduced iPod touch

The 5th generation Apple iPod touch

Nothing crunchy about the iPod. The analyst just claims that Apple would have in its boxes an iPod touch that would be offered at a lower cost. However, it will be marketed without a camera and with a reduced storage capacity. Its price should be around $ 199.

The end of non-Retina MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 13 "and 15" non-Retina Apple

Let those who dream of having a future MacBook Pro with Retina display, at a more affordable price, rejoice. According to the analyst, Apple would no longer offer a MacBook Pro without Retina display. Tariffs would be lowered to facilitate this transition. It would therefore be possible to have a MacBook Pro with Retina display starting at $ 1,300. Their release would be expected during the third quarter of the year. However, nothing very exciting when it comes to MacBook Air, Apple would just make them evolve with a better processor, or even a better graphics card, but nothing is sure yet. And unfortunately we should not expect the integration of a Retina notch in the range of ultra-thin computers this year.

No Apple TV

The small digital box should be offered a DR update

Unsurprisingly, 2013 should not be about the introduction of Apple’s future television. The analyst confirms recent comments from a colleague who had warned that the American glove was not yet ready to enter the television market. The latter had indicated that Apple was falling behind mainly because of the legal aspects and the availability of "connected services" to the television, through the various countries where it would be marketed. On the other hand, the firm the apple should fall back to propose, around March / April, an update of its digital box Apple TV which would logically be endowed with a more powerful processor, and possibly new connected services?

Will aficionados go to queue this year? DR

In conclusion, the American glove would continue this year its little snowman, without predicting big announcements causing “hysteria” in its aficionados. Only one mystery remains and the analyst did not foresee it: Is Apple really nothing “transcendent” to announce for the second quarter? What if Apple could take advantage of this period to announce its ultra-connected watch? Recall that an Asian site, claiming to be close to the production chains of Apple, recently claimed that the American glove could release such a product during the first half of 2013. It would be a smart watch capable of communicating without wirelessly with an iOS device using a Bluetooth connection. See you in a few months to have the answer …

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