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WeTransfer offers services as impeccable as the browser version. The selection of files is very simple, and can be done directly via the phone album. It’s just unfortunate that only photos and videos are recognized.

If smartphone users could rely on Google Drive or Dropbox to share their heavy files, they have a new solution. WeTransfer, a well-known browser service, has just launched its application.

After installation of WeTransfer, just follow two steps: select the photos and videos to transfer, then enter your own email address and that of the recipient. This will then receive a download link redirecting to the service site, while the user will have a confirmation email. A share button is also added to other photo management applications. 10GB of files can be sent, but it will take time. For example, it takes three minutes with a good connection to send 100MB of files. Note that the operation can be paused and resumed later. WeTransfer does not support sound files. Only photos and videos are recognized.

Ergonomically speaking, this application is impeccable: it is very intuitive despite the fact that it is not translated, and uses the excellent aesthetic codes of the browser version.