Wear OS will soon allow all applications to have their Widget

Google recently changed the source code for Wear OS. Thanks to this, applications will soon be able to benefit from their own Tiles, operating system specific widgets for smartwatches. This change Until now, this function was only accessible to applications developed by Google.

google wear bone tile app

In 2019, during Google I / O, the Mountain View giant presented a new version of Wear OS, its operating system for connected watches. One of the novelties unveiled is called Tile, which you can call Tuile in the language of Molière. Thanks to her, Google brought to Wear OS a system to personalize the interface and enhance it withpersonalized information. Find the official Tiles presentation video at the end of this article.

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These tiles appear as dedicated screens. You slide left or right to move from one tile to another. Until summer 2020, Wear OS imposed a limit in terms of the number of displayable tiles: 5. Last September, Google removed this limit, hinting that there might be more to use. Because, until now, application developers cannot take advantage of Tiles: only Google is allowed.

Soon, the Tiles will finally be … useful

But that should change soon. Indeed, Google has made a change in Android Open Source Project. Especially in the section dedicated to Wear OS. A new entry confirms the forthcoming arrival of an API (an interface between the application and the operating system) dedicated to Tiles. Thanks to this, all applications will be able to integrate a Tile. The goal is simple: significantly expand the utility of Tiles. It remains to be seen when Google will allow developers to connect to it. The next Google I / O could be the right opportunity.

There are several environments for connected watches. We know Tizen at Samsung that you find for example in the Galaxy Watch 3, launched in August 2020. And we know the proprietary system from Huawei that powers the recent Watch GT2 Pro or the Honor GS Pro. But only WatchOS at Apple and Wear OS at Google can be considered modern operating systems where applications can enrich the experience, such as on PC and smartphone. And we can not wait to finally see a proposal in the Android camp capable of fetching iOS on its strong point: the richness of use. The opening of the Tiles will obviously be a big step.

Source: 9to5Google