we will have to deal with stock shortages until 2018

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If you have the means and the desire to acquire an iPhone X soon, you will still have to be one of the lucky ones. According to several analysts, the high-end terminal from Apple may display some supply concerns until the beginning of next year.

The iPhone X should be distributed drop by drop to users. For most of the year, various rumors have indicated that Apple is having trouble producing its high-end terminal, and it seems that the situation is still delicate for the brand.

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According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, despite its exorbitant price, the iPhone X should meet high demand and Apple should not be able to keep pace. In fact, we are already expecting particularly long delivery times, which could exceed several months. The situation had already occurred with the Airpods released with the iPhone 7, the stock problems having been resolved only very recently.

Also according to the analyst, Apple would be able to produce only 10,000 iPhone X per day which contrasts with the 40 million orders expected by the end of the year … Apple would have only 2 to 4 million iPhone X for its launch, the majority being channeled by pre-orders.