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Waze – Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Very complete and with a clear interface, this application will provide a wealth of information thanks to its large active community. Difficult to find faults in Waze, who will be a very good traveling companion during your travels.

Community GPS navigation

00B4000008726630-photo-waze.jpgEssential GPS navigation solutions, Waze stands out for its many features, its updates and its community of millions of users worldwide.

On the one hand, navigation is simple thanks to voice guidance in French and to regularly updated maps. On the other hand, the active community allows to be informed in real time of possible traffic disruptions on a route.

Simplify your journeys

The community allows you to stay informed about the various accidents, dangers on the track and the work in progress through reports. These can be left by other users who earn points to progress in a community ranking.

Waze also allows you to stay connected with your friends by sharing their departure time and arrival time in the event of a common destination. Note that it is possible to add and synchronize Facebook contacts using the application.

Convenient features

Not stopping on such a good path, Waze is equipped with several practical functions such as the synchronization of Facebook events and the display of certain petrol stations as well as the price per liter of each fuel.

It is also possible to plan a route on a specific date and time and to consult the estimated time depending on traffic conditions.

What to say about its ergonomics?

Waze has a clear, intuitive interface translated into French. The various disturbances are easily recognizable, the user being frequently warned via audible signals.

The latest news on the Waze app: