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Waze on Android reports real time snow on the road

Waze presents a new feature for its users: a real time alert for snowy roads. This function, which happens at the time of the first snowfall and the day before the Christmas holidays, adds to the ice and strong rain alerts.

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Waze is not just about calculating a clever way to get to a destination by avoiding traffic jams or calculating the cost of an itinerary based on the price of pages. It is also an alert system on the courses that warns the driver of certain dangers. The most common (and most used) is the road accident. In a matter of moments, a Waze user can warn the entire Waze community of an accident on a road so that other drivers can bypass the problem. The same for vehicles broken down on the road.

The same type of alert also exists in Waze for weather conditions that increase the risk of an accident. Rain and ice are already supported in the interface. At the end of last week, a third climatic condition was added: the snow. Two alerts are possible in Waze to support fluff drop. First warn if traffic lanes are snowy to allow other drivers to avoid them. Then report when the roads have been cleared and what is new.

A clearly visible alert

The alert appears in the interface of other users with a blue circle with several tints that gradually darken to the center of the incident signal. In addition, an alert appears with an orange solid under the next navigation step. Impossible to miss. The screenshot accompanying this article was sent by Waze's UK subsidiary.

waze snow alert

With this new feature, we allow the 13 million Wazers in France to approach the holiday route much more serene, says Jrme Marty, General Manager France de Waze in a press release. In this same press release, Waze announces the renewal of its partnership with the GMF insurer, which can display weather-related alerts, such as good driving practices in the event of a snowfall (while ensuring a certain visibility of the weather). mark, of course).

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This new feature of Waze obviously falls peak. First, Christmas holidays will soon start in France (as everywhere else). Then, temperatures have dropped significantly in recent days and the first snowfall was reported in the Alps. According to Waze, half of the British choose not to hit the road on snowy days. Waze executives hope to lower this proportion among their users.