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watchOS 6.2 enables OAuth authentication in third-party apps

watchOS 6.1.3

watchOS 6.2, available in beta version, will allow third-party applications on Apple Watch to enable user authentication via Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other OAuth-compliant web connection services.

watchOS 6.2

Taking charge of SWebAuthenticationSession is now available on watchOS 6.2 beta, but only on Apple Watch Series 3 and later. The reason that Series 1 and 2 do not support web access is that these models do not have cellular connectivity. In fact, on LTE versions, you can download and start a watchOS app even if your iPhone is not nearby. This means that the user must be able to configure the application directly on their Apple Watch. And if an application requires an account, as is happening more and more often, it must offer the user the possibility of accessing it directly from the watch.

Before watchOS 6.2, developers could authenticate users with the functionConnect with Apple or create their own sign-in and sign-up forms, as described in the documentation for Apple developers. Starting with watchOS 6.2, web connections with OAuth support can be used to simplify creation and access to accounts.

In addition, the second watchOS 6.2 bta supports the framework StoreKit Apple. This will allow apps on Apple Watch to not only use in-app purchases, but also offer and promote subscriptions, verify your Apple Music account capabilities, as well as provide recommendations for third-party content and enable users to evaluate and review applications like on iOS.

OAuth is commonly used on the web to allow websites or applications to access your information from other portals (such as Google or Facebook) without revealing your passwords. OAuth is used by many other companies, such as Amazon, Twitter, Spotify and many others.