WatchOS 3, some extra features to the program!

WatchOS 3, some extra features to the program!

icon apple watchWhile Apple unveiled this week watchOS 3 which will be available to the general public this fall, as the developers install the Beta version, they discover more and more things.

We had already seen the first novelties of watchOS 3 here. Here are some more examples:


Face Gallery


You can now access, choose and edit your watch faces and complications from the Apple Watch app from your iPhone in the new "Face Gallery" section

Extra-Large Watch Face


Apple has added a huge watch face with only one complication centered!

Disable screen shots


In the main menu of the Apple Watch application you can now activate or deactivate the possibility of taking screenshots by pressing the digital crown and the power button.

News Complications for the modular screen


The Apple Watch is finally appearing in Find my iPhone


Other features found in WatchOS 3

• More watch faces allow the addition of complications
• New Stock Exchange App, Breathe, Home, Find My Friends, Reminders, and Heartbeat
• As explained in our previous post, you can have Mickey or Minnie Mouse read the time!
• By ignoring a notification, we now return to the watch face and we no longer stay in the notifications
• The new Watch face "activity" is available in both analog and digital display
• The activity and exercise apps have been redesigned
• The "friends feature" has been removed in favor of the new Dock

So pretty cool all right?