watch out for the SmartTVs that spy on you!

The Daily Beast is at the origin of the controversy which shakes somewhat the market of smart or connected televisions this week after having revealed that the Samsung screens could spy on the users without their knowledge.

Samsung charter This is indicated by the latest version of the manufacturer's confidentiality charter, preceded by a warning. Samsung says that its screens can collect voice commands and related tests to improve the quality of its voice recognition service.

The firm evokes "Please be aware that if your words include personal or sensitive information, they will be part of the data recorded and transmitted to third-party services." In other words, watch your words in the living room, the television is spying on you …

And if you think that it is enough to deactivate voice recognition to no longer be listened to by the television, here again, Samsung warns: "If Samsung does not collect your words, Samsung will always be able to retrieve associated texts and data from other uses so that we can assess the performance of this function and improve it."

The idea of ​​being spied on by his television is not to remind him of certain passages from 1984 by George Orwell. And even if this espionage has mainly mercantile motivations, nobody knows who will end up recovering this information and how it could be used in the future by police, various agencies, governments, or more simply hackers .

Even if you have to poke around in the privacy policy to have access to it, Samsung remains relatively transparent with users on this phenomenon of permanent listening. And this obviously does not prevent the brand from selling its stocks since the South Korean is the market leader, the firm sold 215.2 million screens in 2014 with a 5.4% increase in market share on the year