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Warren Buffett Sells $ 800 Million Apple Stock (AAPL)

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s investment firm sold more than $ 800 million in Apple shares in the last quarter, as confirmed by SEC public documents. Even after this major sale of AAPL shares, Berkshire Hathaway remains Apple’s largest investor.

Warren Buffett

Business Insider suggests some possible reasons that led Buffett to make this decision. One of them may be the desire to cash out after the AAPL share price spike, but this is highly questionable. Indeed, Buffet has always always invested long term and has never sold short term stock.

The second thing is much more plausible: Berkshire Hathaway sold Apple stocks to free up money to invest in two other companies, Kroger and Biogen. Relevant figures, given that the Buffett company paid $ 549 million for a 2.4% stake in the American supermarket glove Kroger and $ 192 million for a 0.4% stake in Biogen, a company biopharmaceutical that develops and offers therapies for neurological diseases. In total, this represents an investment of $ 741 million, almost the same amount as the sale of AAPL shares.

Despite the sale, Berkshire Hathaway remains Apple’s largest shareholder for $ 72 billion (5.4% of the total business). In short, 800 million is a ridiculous figure, apparently used to differentiate certain investments.

In the past, Warren Buffett has made the clock on Apple several times and has never failed to support, even in difficult times. Indeed, in a recent CNBC interview, he also revealed his “secret” dream: to own 100% of Apple.