Bayonne, a woman saved from suicide thanks to Facebook

warnings and filters for videos with offensive content

Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, has recently suffered a tidal wave of videos praising terrorism, violent scenes filmed during the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and quickly, controversies have emerged.

Facebook warning The underlying situation reactivated by the context in France has really broken out in recent days, and the network is responding by putting in place warnings and filters on the videos.

Thus, the network recalls that it accepts user registrations from the age of 13, but that everyone remains responsible for the content that they publish on the site. To make things easier, the site is putting up barriers for the youngest by establishing filters preventing them from having access to content declared reserved for people over 18 years of age.

"When people share something on Facebook, they are expected to share it responsibly, in particular by targeting who will be able to see their content " said a spokesperson for the network.

"In cases where users report inappropriate content, we may have to put a warning message intended for adults, and we may prevent young users from seeing this content."

Warning, but no blind censorship. These messages and filters have been tested since last November, the warning messages obliging the user to click to validate the automatic playback on all the other videos. However, recent events are pushing Facebook to accelerate the democratization of these features.

Finally, note that the warnings do not concern videos placed as a direct link to YouTube.