Warning: a message on WhatsApp can block your smartphone

Warning: a message on WhatsApp can block your smartphone

Perhaps you have already laughed at iPhone users because an Indian symbol () was blocking the smartphone, know that karma has also hit Android users. A message that travels around the world via WhatsApp is able to completely block your smartphone. Why ? Because of an Android bug.

If you think that messages that crash smartphones exist only on iOS, you are mistaken. No system is perfect and it often takes time to discover the various bugs and security flaws. It has recently been discovered that a simple message is able to block your smartphone. The text of the message is as follows:

whatsapp error
Touching the black dot will block your WhatsApp. Google Images

In practice, the message could be sent on other instant messaging applications and would still work. The problem is not related to a WhatsApp bug but how Android gets the text, which is why Telegram or Chrome are not concerned by the problem as they handle the text differently.

Why does this message lock the smartphone?

You understand it: no moji can block a smartphone. In this message, there are some hidden characters (about two thousand) that, once selected, block the application uses and, in the worst case, the smartphone.

It seems that the most powerful smartphones of the last generation are able to survive the attack, the application uses is "simply" blocked for a few seconds. If you have an older smartphone, the device will be completely blocked.

The problem is caused by the invisible Unicode characters that are normally used to indicate whether the text should be displayed left-right or left-right. Generally, in languages ​​such as Arabic or Arabic. In itself, Android is able to handle them without problems.

That said, the bug occurs when a strange combination of these characters changes the orientation of the text several times and hundreds of times. Android is able to see the message without problems but the engine that handles the selection of the text does not understand. Touching the message will activate text selection by crashing the application (or smartphone).

androidpit telegram panic
No problem on Telegram. AndroidPIT

How to unlock the smartphone or prevent it from being blocked?

It's simple, on the most modern smartphones the bug simply blocks WhatsApp (or other application in which you received this message), so wait for the application to close or close it yourself. If all the smartphone is blocked, you must restart it by keeping pressing the on / off button.

To avoid the problem, just click on the message and delete it immediately. The mere receipt of the text has no effect, do not worry.

Opinion by Luca Zaninello

I discovered this problem in magazines, I did not express it by myself.

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