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WarCraft 3 renat using a mod for StarCraft 2

WarCraft 3 renat using a mod for StarCraft 2

WarCraft - Armies of Azeroth

A team of fans have come up with a rather ambitious StarCraft II mod called WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth. The title proposes to rediscover the famous WarCraft III with updated graphics and new features compared to the game of Blizzard.

While we are waiting for the release of Legacy of the Void, the third expansion of StarCraft II, modders are having a blast in projects based on the title of Blizzard. Previously, we talked about Diablo II: The Curse of Tristram as well as WarCraft: A New Dawn, two rather ambitious mods based on StarCraft 2.

WarCraft - Armies of Azeroth - 2 "height =" 131 "width =" 233A team of Russian developers recently announced a project that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of WarCraft III. Baptized WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth, this mod proposes to recreate the famous real-time strategy game originally released in 2002.

As highlighted in the first video below, the project offers updated graphics, but also promises gameplay enhancements. It remains to be seen whether fans plan to recreate the entire Blizzard game campaign or not.

To follow the progress of the project, you can go to the page dedicated to this mod at this address, or on the dedicated Facebook account.

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