Walter Deppeler (Acer): “Ultrabooks could represent up to 40% of our sales”

Walter Deppeler (Acer): "Ultrabooks could represent up to 40% of our sales"

Image 1: Walter Deppeler (Acer):

Since April, Walter Deppeler has served as Vice President of Acer and President and CEO of Acer Europe. He joined Acer in 1997 as Managing Director of Switzerland and then of Germany.

Acer has just presented to the IFA an Ultrabook the Acer Aspire S3, an ultra thin and light computer with high performance. What are your ambitions in this new segment?

In previous years we have seen the craze for smartphones, then for tablets. I think that in 2012 it will be for ultratbooks.

In a mature market like Western Europe, most of the consumption is for renewal. To trigger sales you have to offer innovation.

By the end of the year we think it will account for 3-5% of our laptop sales. But in the long term this could constitute 20 to 40%. The end of the year will serve as a test, we are waiting to know what the level of demand will be.

Jerry Shen, Managing Director of Asus, has reservations about the possibility of quickly having a large production of Ultrabooks due to the complexity of the production. Do you think you can meet demand?

We trust Intel, but problems can come from any component, including SSDs. But we will deliver the countries which constitute our most important markets as of September.

Do you plan acquisitions? Are you interested in HP’s PC division?

We do not comment on HP. For the rest, we have already acquired iGware [pour 320 millions de dollars, ndlr], an American company specializing in the cloud and we will focus on this acquisition.

At the next CES we will make announcements around cloud computing and we will announce new services.

You are far behind in the smartphone market, how do you plan to catch up?

Indeed, we are behind in this market. For the moment we are watching the market. There are a lot of problems around patents, we are waiting to see what happens. But we are not stuck on Android [choisi par Acer pour sa gamme Liquid, ndlr].

What are the other areas of development?

We want to strengthen ourselves in the professional segment. We have not developed this segment much, but we are in the process of reorganizing and we want to offer vertical solutions such as shelves designed for aircraft for example.