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Practical and well thought out, the application W9 for Android offers a wide range of content with, first, the live broadcast or replay of the channel’s programs. A simple and free app to download without hesitation.

After an iOS version (iPhone, iPod and iPad) the application W9 is finally available for free for Android.

The app W9 therefore, like its “sisters” M6 and 6ter, allows free access to all the programs of the live channel (in 3G and WiFi).

Its clear interface inspired by the replay sites of the M6 ​​group offers 5 main tabs allowing access to the home presenting the latest programs, live, replay shows, functions of the “2nd screen” of the app and finally to the guide TV of the group channels.

The live reading will allow you to find, in addition to the current program of the channel, a quick summary of it, the live comments left by the connected audience and the last tab, “events” will soon offer interactions to the viewer.

The navigation is really fluid and it will, for example, be easy to switch from one kind of program to another. In a replay program, the user can also jump from one chapter to another in order to pick up where he left off.

Simple and effective the application is enriched with social content Facebook and Twitter which will allow everyone to communicate about their favorite programs.

Finally, it will be possible in 1 click to switch from W9 programs to those ofM6 and of 6ter and vice versa.

NB: Clubic is M6 Web, a subsidiary of the M6 ​​group.