VSCO Cam: the complete guide to the best photo application of the moment

VSCO Cam: the complete guide to the best photo application of the moment

VSCO Cam is an increasingly popular photo and editing app. It offers a lot of functionality and a simple and fluid interface. Whether you are a clear enthusiast or frustrated with the quality of the photos taken with your smartphone, you will find information necessarily a little more in this comprehensive guide and tips for VSCO Cam.

vsco cam app teaser
VSCO Cam is one of the best smartphone photo applications, all systems combined. / ANDROIDPIT

VSCO Cam is first and foremost ergonomics and an interface out of the ordinary, a fluidity appreciable and especially effects customizable and effective. The options for taking the picture itself are quite limited, but the edition is very full.

vsco cam camera tips
The options for taking pictures are rudimentary, but effective. / ANDROIDPIT

VSCO Cam can be used in two different ways. The first idea is to take a quick and easy photo that we will then dit correctly to obtain an optimal result in terms of photos on smartphone. We can of course post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Wechat.

VSCO Cam – The photo

The options are limited: you can adjust the focus and balance on a specific point of the image, in a classic way. On the left side there is a menu, which includes three buttons: flash (forced, automatic, light), two types of grid and an option to activate or deactivate the photo shooting via the screen (which deactivates the choice of the point focus). That's all.

vsco cam tips social camera
You can see the viewfinder for focus here right. / ANDROIDPIT

On the other hand, VSCO Cam allows to import almost all that one wants, and especially to synchronize the photos between different devices.

VSCO Cam – Clock synchronization

I advise you to create a VSCO Cam account, which will allow you to synchronize your photos between your devices. It is extremely practical, and allows you to resume an edition on another smartphone or simply not to lose his photos by changing device … without having sync on Google+ and without having to download them from any cloud .

vsco cam tricks tint sync pictures
We can synchronize our photos between different devices, just create a VSCO Cam account. / ANDROIDPIT

Another menu is typical of VSCO Cam, it is convenient and simple: the location. You can simply enable or disable the location according to the type of sharing. You can, for example, disable it for emails, which are more personal, and activate it for social networks.

You can also decide to disable it simply when capturing photos or importing them. Which means that we can also keep it, rather badly combined synchronization!

vsco cam tips tint settings
It is possible to change the order of presets and tools in the interface. Ideal to highlight those we use the most. / ANDROIDPIT

I also like the possibility of displaying only the images said in the gallery, easier to share the good ones on Instagram;)

VSCO Cam – The photo edition

This is the strong point of VSCO. Developers have managed to combine ease of use, essential on smartphone, and complete functionality. First, we have the usual basic presets, more or less hipsters. Beyond the fact that they are very good in general, we can adjust their "presence". We can take a style that we like and slightly reduce its effect on the photo, the result is guaranteed each time.

vsco cam tips tint shadow
For almost every parameter, you can adjust the power of the effect. / ANDROIDPIT

This is true for most settings. On this beautiful self portrait above, I show you for example the possibility of choosing the general shade shades. We can reduce or increase the intensity of these by color, in 6 different shades.

vsco cam preset hints
We can apply a preset, but adjust its intensity: it is excellent for fast and effective editing. / ANDROIDPIT

With a bit of habit, we get to know which filters and presets we prefer and edit a photo in two steps, three movements. VSCO does not innovate in terms of effects, but in the way of using them.

vsco cam tricks preset buy
Additional presets can be purchased at the online store of the app. / ANDROIDPIT

You will understand, VSCO can play on settings and effects in general complicated to implement on smartphone with ease of disconcerting. This application allows to post pictures russies and original, because each effect is customizable. Gone are the Instagram feeds filled with yellow filters and dubious blurs?

VSCO Cam – The social network

VSCO Cam allows you to follow and change, on the photograph of course, but also to read news and other photo reports. This menu, call Newspaper, you will really love if you are a photography fan. The Gridis it the social part. We can see other users' creations, perform searches, track users, in short, you know the principle.

Do you know VSCO? What do you think ? Is this the best app of its kind?

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