voice to text translation in real time

voice to text translation in real time

Microsoft has made an impression with Skype Translator allowing users who do not speak the same language to converse in videoconferencing. A real-time voice translation which has been the subject of a limited beta version since mid-December with English and Spanish (pending other languages).

Google-Translate-AndroidAccording to information from the New York Times, Google will not retaliate head-on (at least not for the moment) but will offer an update to its translation application for Android. It will thus make it possible to detect and automatically recognize if someone speaks in a so-called popular language in order to offer a text translation in real time.

By popular language, it can be assumed that these are languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, German or even Chinese. In addition, the contribution is mainly at the level of real time insofar as the application already allows writing, speaking or taking a photo of a text to be translated (character recognition then comes into play).

The New York Times also soon reports a Google announcement for a service allowing the use of a smartphone camera to translate foreign signs captured in the real world. This seems to be a logical consequence of Google’s takeover of Quest Visual.

No specific timetable is mentioned. It should be emphasized that these are essentially developments for Google's translation application rather than novelties themselves, and that they do not concern a voice over IP service.

Google claims more than 100 million installations of its translation application on Android and 500 million active users (per month) for its translation service across all platforms. Remember that it is integrated into the Chrome browser.