VOD included in upcoming Orange triple play packages

Orange: the new Livebox for fall?

Image 1: VOD included in the next Orange triple play packagesOrange will completely overhaul its Internet packages, the current range of which is considered too complicated. One of them will now include 50 films on VOD per month.

It is on April 14 that the first French operator will launch its new triple play offers. Exit the Net Plus and Premium ranges which differentiate access by ADSL or fiber, now subscribers will pay the same price regardless of the technology used and will be able to choose between two packages: the Livebox Zen or the Livebox Star.

The second will be the flagship offer of the range, in direct competition with the Freebox Revolution and the Neufbox Evolution, it will offer Internet, unlimited fixed telephony (100 countries) and mobile (France), television, 80 GB digital video recorder and, well more original, a VOD offer including 50 films per month.

Film enthusiasts who are initially enthusiastic will soon be disappointed to learn that the catalog offered in this context will consist of movies released in theaters more than three years ago. The price of the Livebox Star will be 39.90 euros per month to which it will be necessary to add 3 euros per month of box rental. Orange therefore continues to keep prices higher than the competition which caps at 38 euros, without VOD however.

The Livebox Zen is more classic: Internet, television and fixed telephony for 33.90 euros per month plus the 3 euros monthly equipment rental.