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Just like on computers, VLC for Android is one of the best media players for smartphones and tablets. It stands out for its support for a host of audio / video formats, subtitles, online stream playback and its performance. An ideal toolkit app for Android!

VLC Media Player has proven itself for many years on PC but what about Android smartphones and tablets? Elements of response in our test.

The essential multimedia player on Android

Since its first version published in 2001 from the École Centrale de Paris, the famous multimedia player VLC Media Player is still a reference in the field of audio and video playback. Since its arrival in beta on Android in 2012, it has not stopped seeing its optimized features at best to offer a solution allowing to read almost all audio and video formats, even the latest high quality standards.VLC
This port on Android works on devices with Android 2.2 or higher and supported by Android TV, Chromebook and devices under ARMv7, ARMv8, AArch64, MIPS and x86.

Formats and compatibility

In a nutshell! The Android version should not confuse those who already use it on computers. The capacities and formats supported are more or less the same.

In terms of audio and video standards, VLC for Android supports the vast majority of the most common audio, video and container formats. VLC supports the playback of many audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, DTS, WAV or ALAC, MKV, AVI, H263, H264, WMV video formats and many native formats. High definition standards like H265 are also supported.

VLC for Android is a good solution for managing the collection and playback of local files in an audio and video library with history and search function. It is also effective for reading streams and accessing FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB or NFS networks, accessing files stored on a NAS, playing DVD or ISO files as well as 360 ° and 3D videos.

As on computers, VLC excels in supporting integrated or non-integrated subtitles with online search functions. The same is true for audio tracks which can be selected and shifted as desired.

Its reading features

The VLC application for Android is optimized and allows you to read files in high resolution. However if slowdowns are felt, it may be due to the limited performance of the device.

Whether in audio or video playback, the player offers many options such as automatic standby, adjustment of the playback speed as well as an audio equalizer comprising around twenty presets. Depending on the Android version, it is also possible to play a video as audio in the background or in windowed mode over other applications.

For a better grip, it is possible to adjust the brightness and the audio volume by sliding your finger vertically respectively on the left and the right of the window.

Its ergonomics

Even if its interface is not the most modern, it is clear that VLC for Android is simple to use, intuitive and available in French. Its many options allow you to customize the interface and adjust performance preferences.

For a better grip, VLC offers a widget for the home screen and a controller in the notification area. Unadorned tools that allow you to find the album cover and controls for skipping tracks and pausing.