VLC for Windows Phone is approaching soon

VLC for Windows Phone is approaching soon

Image 1: VLC for Windows Phone is approaching soon

The team of VLC had announced last March : a software version for devices running Windows Phone was under development. There remained a big question: when would the application really be available on the Windows Phone?

Thomas Nigro, one of the developers of the free app, recently replied on Twitter: VLC for Windows Phone is being finalized. The application is almost ready, but the team is currently experiencing some compilation difficulties. Once this step is completed, nothing should prevent the validation and distribution of the media player on the Windows Phone Store. The other good news is that VLC for Windows RT is also in the process of being finalized. Recall that when VLC for Modern UI was released, only the edition dedicated to machines running Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 had been released. The Surface / Surface RT range of tablets should therefore soon benefit from the famous multimedia player.

In the end, VLC for Windows Phone could see the light of day at the very beginning of August. Same thing for Windows RT edition. Only a few days to wait …

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