Vivaldi Browser Now Available on Android – Download Now!

A Popular browser created by a team of developers who are members of the Opera team is finally available on Android in beta. The main objective of the Vivaldi browser is to provide maximum personalization to its users without compromising privacy and security. In short, it is enough similar to Chrome.

The developers have incorporated many features of Vivaldi’s desktop browser into its Android version. Speed ​​dial for quick access to favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. Besides, it also has features like notes and capture. The desktop version of the browser is based on the Chromium engine and provides a large number of features.

Another cool feature of the Vivaldi Android browser is Dark Mode. You can use the dark method or continue to use the light mode, while the overall design aims to provide a better user interface and easier navigation.

The user experience is also good. Instead of tapping multiple times to access certain menus, it would only take two taps to do so. Another cool feature is in the download sections which show all your downloads separately according to their file formats . Menus can be left and swiped right for easier navigation.

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Characteristic Notes:

Something unique and a feature that no other browser has till date is the Notes feature which allows you to create and save notes in the browser . Vivaldi has a built-in notes function. Therefore, you can copy and paste anything in Vivaldi notes . You can also sync the notes to other devices.

Another cool feature is the pre-installed search engines which can allow you to switch between search engines like Google , DuckDuckGo or bing in one tap.

The capture function allows you to capture a particular part of the screen or take a complete screenshot. Although all phones already have a screenshot feature; a built-in browser functionality is also a good idea anyway.

The Vivaldi browser is now available for download at Play store while the tablet version is still in development.

Download Vivaldi