the 2017 vintage of the dclin antivirus in free version

VirusKeeper in Collaborative Edition 3 per year!

Published by the company AxBx which is installed in Villeneuve-d'Ascq, VirusKeeper is the antivirus made in France for Windows. Technical support is also provided in France and by the publisher itself.

The antivirus relies on its behavioral analysis in real time to detect known or unknown malware and which can be grafted on-demand antivirus and antispyware scanners offered in the professional edition. It is essentially on this professional edition that a new proposal from AxBx is based: VirusKeeper C.E for Collaborative Edition.

VirusKeeper-2015-C.EThis new type of license provides a complete antivirus solution at a lower cost. The VirusKeeper C.E license is thus offered at only € 3, a price almost divided by ten compared to the cost of a usual license for a PC and for a year.

The counterpart is a collaboration of the users in order to contribute to the improvement of the product. It can be the reporting of a possible bug, propose a new function to add, submit a suspicious file or simply report feedback.

The return can be done by email or via a dedicated function offered by the antivirus and identified by " Collaborate / submit an idea "However, there are no quantitative quotas. AxBx speaks of a" moral commitment "from the user.

VirusKeeper 2015 C.E is available from the official website of the publisher.

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