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Viruses & malware: Mac owners, protect yourself too!

Over the years, the Apple Mac has built a solid reputation in the eyes of its consumers. It is fast, it is beautiful, it is effective, it is “infallible”. However, not too long ago, the IT giant saw its reputation tarnished. Indeed, although Mac has proven its ability to meet the needs of its users, many still believe that it is an invulnerable computer and therefore fail to protect it from viruses. At a time when these are becoming more numerous, it is therefore dangerous to maintain the idea that Mac security is inviolable.

Viruses that hurt

Although the system is powerful, the theory of a virus-free Mac is a myth. Security holes exist, and each new case reopens the debate on the problem of malware, this malware compromising the security of computers. Said malware can be encountered while browsing the net, but also in emails, or even in applications downloaded from the App Store.

Existing threats on Mac can take many forms. Ransomware, for example, locks the Mac, to then indicate to the user that an unlock will only be done against the payment of a ransom. But once paid, the owner of the blocked computer has no guarantee that the hacker will unlock the device. Another equally sneaky threat is phishing. It consists of imitating the design of trusted websites in order to recover user data once they have entered their identifiers. Often difficult to detect because of the great realism of imitations, it is unfortunately frequent that Internet users are trapped without even knowing it.

Precautions to take

In order to protect against these dangers, there are still precautions that can reduce the possibility of contamination. First of all, using a secure email makes it easier to detect viruses. As 1 & 1 points out, an antivirus integrated into email solutions allows the filtering of emails with attachments, thus limiting the probability of downloading a file compromising Mac security.

In addition, too many Mac owners underestimate the importance of an antivirus. It remains preferable to protect oneself in order to avoid the transmission of digital infections. Finally, it is more than necessary to always make the updates. They promote stability, performance and autonomy of the device, in addition to correcting any security vulnerabilities. Also, for more safety when browsing Safari (among others), it remains important to remain constantly vigilant regarding the sites visited and the documents downloaded.