Viruses are increasingly affecting Macs

Viruses are increasingly affecting Macs

The presence of malware on MacOS increased by 270% in 2017, according to the report "The state of Mac malware" from the antivirus editor Malwarebytes.

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Even if there are still far fewer viruses spreading on Macs than on Windows-based PCs, this rise in threat is no less significant. Is this the end of carelessness?

Among the most emblematic examples of malware that appeared in 2017, Malwarebytes cites in particular Fruitfly and various variants, capable of collecting personal information or even generating child pornography images. Note that other new malware, which appeared since the beginning of 2018, has already been identified.

Hackers take advantage of the confidence of Mac users who too often (wrongly) consider themselves not to be under the threat of potential attacks. On the other hand, and unlike Microsoft which integrates with Windows Defender an antivirus in its operating system, Apple does not offer such a thing and it is advisable to install itself a software of this type to protect its computer.

Finally, this phenomenon is also and above all explained by the success of the sale of Macs, Apple ending 2017 4th place of the biggest computer sellers in the world with 19.6 million units sold, a figure up by 5 , 9% in one year according to the IDC firm. This growing user base can only attract malicious people.