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Virtual reality: the release of the Oculus Rift on Mac far from imminent

You are a possessor of Mac fan of virtual reality and you look forward to the arrival of the headset Oculus Rift ? You will have to be patient…

The co-founder of Oculus Nate Mitchell revealed in an interview with TechCrunch that his company has no plans to add support for Apple computers in the coming months. Mitchell, who uses a MacBook Pro as a laptop on a daily basis, said Mac support is dear to his heart, but takes a tremendous amount of resources to deliver a premium experience.

Oculus rift mac apple 1024x576 - Virtual reality: the release of the Oculus Rift on Mac far from imminentWe want to make Rift compatible with macOS, but it’s not on our roadmap for the next six months”Said Mitchell in the article published last week by TechCrunch. “The real challenge for us is how much we will invest in this project, because it will require a lot of time and energy if we want to offer a great experience“.

As a reminder, the first Oculus development kits were compatible with certain Apple computers. Unfortunately, the release of the Rift headset for the general public has put aside Mac support. The company belonging to Facebook is not alone in this case, since HTC’s VR Vive headset does not work with macOS either.