Virgin Mobile installs only on SFR infrastructures

Virgin Mobile installs only on SFR infrastructures

At the start of this year, Virgin Mobile is sharing its wishes with its subscribers and announcing both good and bad news.

SFR-logo The good thing is that until January 31, the operator's subscribers have an additional data volume of 2 GB and access to 69 destinations in France and abroad "for the same price" and "without re-engagement".

A gift that must make subscribers swallow the pill since at the same time, Virgin announces "Virgin has joined forces with the SFR network to offer you a premium network throughout the national territory in 3G and 4G. Consequently, as of February 16, 2015, the network change functionality will no longer be available on your current plan. "

This change presents itself as an opportunity for subscribers to detach themselves from the operator without paying the termination fees, and Virgin Mobile also announces this in its message. "within the framework of the modification of your contractual conditions you can as long as you have not expressly accepted these new conditions, terminate your subscription contract without penalty of termination and without right to compensation until within four months after l 'entry into force of the amendment. "

Update: The possibility of termination only applies to Virgin customers who benefited from the network change functionality.