VideoPane: using your iPhone while watching a video

VideoPane cydia - VideoPane : utiliser son iPhone en regardant une vidéo


Posted: August 8, 2013Updated: August 8, 2013

by Martin

VideoPane is a new tweak created by the famous developer Ryan Petrich, at the origin ofActivator or even more recently Grabby, which will allow you to continue watching your video while sending for example an SMS from your iPhone.

Owners of phones under Android will recognize an adaptation on iOS functionality Popup Play present on smartphones Samsung.

VideoPane cydia - VideoPane: using your iPhone while watching a videoOnce VideoPane installed, do a respring then launch a video Youtube (other services and different browsers as well as Facebook also work) A pop-up will appear asking if you want to detach the media to view it in window and continue browsing your springboard.

It is also possible by defining a gesture under Activator add transparency to tweak and thus to be able to use its entire screen while playing a video.

VideoPane is available on the Cydia store at the price of at the price of $ 1.99, from the source of BigBoss and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch under iOS 6 and higher.