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[Vidéo] MacBook 2016: 10 tips to know

macbook tips e1464696008901 [Vidéo] MacBook 2016: 10 tips to know

In order to help neophytes to make the most of their brand new MacBook 2016, the American site 9to5Mac presents on video a list of 10 essential tips for the new apple laptop. Relatively basic advice, but essential!

If you have cracked the new MacBook 2016, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of this computer gem (see The new MacBook early 2016 makes its appearance on the Apple Store online!). Here are 10 tips to know so as not to miss anything about the functionality of this Apple notebook.

A well illustrated video

The 10 tips revealed in this video allow you to optimize the storage space, the screen resolution, to hide the menu bar and the Dock, to adjust Force Touch, to prevent the MacBook from starting up. standby, improve connectivity, use an external screen, or even configure a hotspot. These features are neither new nor hidden, but the video makes it easy to understand how to use them.

Do you have a MacBook 2016?



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