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[Vidéo] IOS 10 tip: close all Safari tabs in one go

ios 10 tabs safari e1466064765631 [Vidéo] IOS 10 tip: close all Safari tabs in one go

With iOS 10, it is now possible to open an unlimited number of tabs in Safari. Fortunately, Appel thought of integrating an option to close them all at once. Here’s how.

To close all Safari tabs in iOS 10, just hold the tab button, and choose the option to close everything. It is also possible to precede from the tab view interface by holding down the validation button.

Jailbreak-inspired functionality

This feature will be appreciated by jailbreak users, since it has been available on Cydia for a long time. Once again, thanks to iOS 10, the jailbreak is more dispensable (see 10 iOS 10 features taken from the jailbreak!).

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