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video games that marked the year

The consoles new gen that PS4 and Xbox One really took off in 2014. If the first semester remained rather sterile in terms of novelties, the year 2014 ended on a high note.

Same sound almost for the Nintendo Wii U (we were already talking about it in late 2013 in a special file dedicated to Wii U). The year 2013 had left a bitter taste to the owners of the Japanese manufacturer’s eighth generation console. But, the wait was well worth it and 2015 promises to be auspicious (we are thinking in particular of the next Zelda).

Selecting the best games of the year was therefore far from trivial as there were quality games: AAA, indie games, mobile games …

Titles such as the new Call of duty (read our test of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare), Murasaki Baby for PS Vita (read our test of Murasaki Baby), Forza Horizon 2 (maybe the best auto racing game of the year; read our test of Forza Horizon 2) or the awesome (especially for fans of retro gaming) Shovel knight (available on Linux, Windows, OS X, Wii U and 3DS) could have largely integrated our top 2014.

But we decided to integrate other games that all stand out for their technical achievement, their scenario, their exhaustive content (or all of the above).

Read our top 2014 video games.