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Video game developers seduced by Apple Arcade


Posted: March 28 2019
Updated: March 27, 2019

by Steve

Great success for Apple Arcade. After captivating spectators around the world, gathered in front of the Apple keynote last Monday evening, the subscription service of the brand with the apple has visibly made an eye on video game developers. As a reminder, Apple Arcade is a platform that requires a subscription (the price of which has not yet been announced), and which would allow access to a good hundred paid games (no free-to-play, no games with in-app purchases) at launch.

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A nice service that would not require an internet connection to be used, except to download the games that interest us. No streaming therefore. The famous site The Verge, a specialist in digital news, contacted a dozen developers to find out their opinions on the Apple announcement. ” I am reassured to see Apple putting so much energy into supporting and improving the quality of the App Store, while keeping independent games in the spotlight. “, For example said developer Zach Gage.

It’s great because our game is going to be played by people who might not otherwise care about narrative games “Said Sean Krankel. However, there is still fear among these developers: “ I really hope that games funded by Apple Arcade will be able to go to other platforms after a short time, so that developers do not shoot themselves in the foot “Adriaan de Jongh believes. Apple Arcade will be available this fall in more than 150 countries.