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Video conferencing in the next iPhone?

The meticulous review of the Bta version of the new iPhone OS (iPhone OS 4.0) has still not finished making headlines. After having noted the presence of trace indicating the possible integration of a flash In the next iPhone, there are new indications that video conferencing could be one of the new features built into the next generation of the iPhone, which should be released in June.

References recently found in the code lines of the Bta version of the new iPhone OS indicate that the iChat application (video conferencing application, editor's note) would be integrated into the new firmware. It would appear that Apple already has three servers dedicated to this service but are not yet accessible to developers. It would appear that the tests could only be carried out in Cupertino laboratories via an Intranet. In addition, these lines of code are also accompanied by references specific to the new Game Center functionality which was unveiled at press conference dedicated to the presentation of the new OS.

However and as usual, it is not with certainty that a new functionality noted in the Bta version of a new firmware is present in the final firmware version and more precisely, in this case, in the new iPhone but we can clearly end this new information by telling you that there is never smoke without fire…

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