video branch lines present on video

video branch lines present on video

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Sony Computer Entertainment released a new video for Until Dawn ahead of its PS4 release. For the occasion, the butterfly effect was highlighted, emphasizing that our choices will have an impact on the course of history.

Sony getting ready to go out Until Dawn, a survival horror developed by the Supermassive Games studio. The title, in development for a few years, will arrive on August 26, 2015 on PS4, in dematerialized format and priced at 59.99 euros.

Until Dawn - 1 "height =" 130 "width =" 231In order to explain to us how we will evolve in this survival horror based on an atmosphere of slasher movies, the publisher has published a video with French subtitles which emphasizes the famous butterfly effect.

Also, history will have many branches and, depending on our in-game choices, the impacts will be more or less serious.

The graphic realization of the title also promises to be at the height of our expectations on PlayStation 4.