Vice President Arrested Against Corruption Estimates $ 40 Million

South Korea is currently facing a major corruption scandal: a large part of the political class has thus accepted bribes in exchange for various favors for the benefit of companies or individuals.

Corruption thus continues to wreak havoc in South Korea: last November, President Park Geun-hye separated from the head of his government and two ministers for having benefited from their influence with large national companies in exchange for aid various. Shortly after, the president was removed from office, the country being ruled by Prime Minister Hwan Kyo-Ahn ever since.


And the case does not seem to have been fully disclosed, since the investigation continues and now turns to the case of Samsung.

Lee Jae-Yong, vice president of Samsung, was arrested following the discovery of new indications suggesting his involvement in the corruption of several politicians. Justice has a period of 20 days to launch proceedings while ensuring that the vice president of Samsung can not leave the national territory.

According to the accusations, Lee Jae-Yong is accused of having made donations to various organizations linked to Choi Soon-Sil for an amount exceeding $ 36 million. Choi Soon-Sil was the president's confidante, nicknamed the "Rasputin of Korea", she took advantage of her influence to obtain money from large South Korean companies and she was charged last November.

The funds donated by Lee Jae-Yong would actually have enabled him to obtain facilities in the restructuring currently underway within the company. The vice-president admitted having given a "horse and money" with the company's funds to help the equestrian career of the daughter of Choi Soon-Sil, without having expected any return .

The investigation will try to determine if these donations did indeed buy favors for the benefit of Samsung.