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Despite some minor flaws, Viber will prove to be very useful for calling and sending messages to or from abroad for free.

What to do with Viber?

Just like its Skype competitors and to some extent WhatsApp, Viber is a free VoIP and messaging service. The app allows you to call and send messages for free anywhere in the world.

The first steps with Viber:

The user’s phone number is used as an identifier, the application automatically synchronizes with the phone’s contact list and automatically detects those who use Viber.

Then free to choose to call them by the traditional route or by using the application. The written messaging service is very comprehensive, with the possibility of sending smileys, photos and videos.

Fierce competition and some bugs

Like any application, Viber is not free from certain small defects. First, it is worth remembering that it is possible to call or send messages only to people who also use the application. Tricky thing facing strong competitors like WhatsApp or Instagram.

Then, Viber communications go through the internet, which implies that you must have a data plan, preferably unlimited, or connect from a WiFi access point.

An easy-to-use app

The interface is simple and quick to use, the application will integrate into the phone’s contact list. Finally, a good point is that the application does not contain any advertising.