VAT termination: FAI’s worst excuses

VAT termination: FAI's worst excuses

Image 1: VAT termination: FAI's worst excusesThe UFC feared it, the telecom operators sometimes use very unjustified excuses not to grant the termination to their customers. The consumer association has compiled the most amazing. SFR is the most widely criticized.

As of today, some committed customers of mobile or triple play offers can cancel their plans for a period of four months, following the price change made due to the increase in VAT. While we were preparing a complete dossier on the matter, the Federal Union of Consumers had confided to us their fears in the face of customer termination requests. By compiling the testimonies of certain consumers, the UFC thus confirms this.

It is SFR which comes first in the number of disputes, the operator alone collects 76% of the complaints reported to the UFC. 16% are for Orange and 8% for Free. This largely majority proportion of SFR is certainly a sign of an operator who does not want to lose its subscribers, it costs what it costs, but can also be explained by the fact that it is the one which has increased its tariffs the most and which must make face more requests.

Threats, lies and bad faith

Thus, a SFR call center advisor explains to a client who cannot seem to terminate that “SFR has very good lawyers, you can always contest the non-exemption of costs when terminating with the Fraud Prevention and UFC “. Orange is not to be outdone: “to prevent my daughter from leaving them, Orange made her believe that she was on file at the Banque de France”, explains Maité des Yvelines. Or Alric de Lyon who testified that “Orange grants me a free termination, but wants to force me to pay 800 euros for portability to another operator. “

Free is not to be outdone and wants to pay whatever costs termination fees: “I called Free to cancel my subscription, they tell me that either I pay fees, or I can not re-subscribe with them during my 2 remaining years, “explains Jonathan du Calvados. All the testimonies compiled by the UFC can be found in their press release.

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