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Value of the occasion: the iPhone atomizes the Samsung Galaxy

Yes, the iPhone are excessively expensive. Yes, we sometimes need to cut off an arm to get one. And asking for such a gift for Christmas is very bourgeois and eternal unsatisfied. But the reality is that the iPhone is one of the only smartphones in the world, if not the only one, which loses very little value over the months and years. As amazing as it may be, a Samsung galaxy s9, for example, loses more than 50% of its value only 9 months after its release.

s 9 iphone x - Value of the occasion: the iPhone atomizes the Samsung Galaxy

BankMyCell, specialist in the second-hand market, has recently posted new data concerning the value of phones on the second-hand market. The site published a whole infographic in which it compared, in particular, a Samsung Galaxy S9 with an iPhone X. Well imagine that after 9 months of marketing, the iPhone X has lost “only” 30, 92% of its value, going from an initial cost of $ 999 to a second-hand rate of $ 690. That’s not bad.

But the Samsung Galaxy S9 is worth 290 dollars 9 months after its release, when it initially cost 720 dollars. Or a dead loss of 59.72%. Worse still: the S9 lost 41.66% of its value in just one month of marketing! In other words, if you’re the type to quickly change smartphones depending on the outings, go ahead and get an iPhone: it is with an apple phone that you will lose the least money.