Vaio Z Canvas: Vaio’s return to the West

Vaio Z Canvas: Vaio's return to the West

Image 1: Vaio Z Canvas: Vaio's return to the West

Vaio announced the return of its computers to United States for this fall. The manufacturer had withdrawn from the Western market to devote itself to Japan following its resale by Sony early 2014.

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Missing from the European and American markets, Vaio computers will come out of Japan again starting this fall as announced by the brand on its American site. The manufacturer will return in particular thanks to the Vaio Z Canvas, a laptop convertible into a tablet thanks to its removable keyboard. The machine keeps the spirit of Vaio computers from a few years ago with a licked design and a price ofat least 2200 dollars which places it in the high end.

It’s a big comeback for Vaio which had almost disappeared at the beginning of 2014. For lack of profits, the division of Sony had then been sold for 300 to 370 million euros to a Japanese fund. Indeed, the crisis in the consumer computer market had forced Sony to separate from its IT division. Takeover by Japan Industrial Partners, Vaio devoted himself solely to Japanese territory for a year and a half. The launch of the Vaio Z Canvas will therefore mark its great return to the West. Besides the United States, this new laptop will also be marketed at Brazil. No announcement has yet been made regarding France or the rest of Europe.