Using FaceTime on the iPad – Belgium-iPhone

While waiting for the second version of the iPad to show up – and in particular brings support for video conferencing (FaceTime) -, some “smart guys” did not wait to already use the future functionality on their current iPad o at least pretend…

The trick is to use two software. The first, DisplayPad (download here), will extend the display of your Mac your iPad through a Wi-Fi connection. The second is none other than FaceTime for Mac (downloadable here) will initiate a "videoconference" call from your Mac (note that you can also use Skype for Mac). As soon as the videoconference call is launched, all you have to do is swipe the conversation window on the screen of your iPad, while being too far from the webcam of your Mac!

Note that with the possible iPad 2 3G, it will be interesting to use FaceTime across 3G (functionality should be available next year) as long as the operators allow us to take advantage of it under good conditions.

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