Facebook now tracks you down to the stores

users would share less of their privacy

Should Facebook worry about it? A priori this is the case according to The Information. The largest social network in the world would be affected by a decline in the sharing of personal content, and in particular among young users.

Facebook-reaction-surpriseThe publications relating to privacy would have decreased by 21% in volume between mid-2014 and mid-2015, and the trend would still be down in 2016. Outside of the single spectrum of personal content, sharing as a whole would have decreased to a lesser extent, 5.5% over the same period of time.

This difference could be explained by the fact that the 1.59 billion Facebook users share more news and information from other sites but are more reluctant than before for content that is more personal to them.

Bloomberg outbids by writing that Facebook is working on this problem of the decline of the intimate – and sharing of personal content – which is migrating in favor of Snapchat, Instagram (which belongs to Facebook) and other messaging services. Changes to the news feed would have limited this phenomenon.

For Facebook, there is no problem. Officially, the answer is that users continue to share a lot on Facebook, and that the overall level of sharing remains strong and similar to levels in previous years.

There is still speculation. We can indeed legitimately think that by wanting to push more and more content like news and by turning to video, this may not encourage as much to share personal content. Personal content is however the underlying nature of Facebook.