users misuse pattern unlock

Installed for several years in Android, the functionality is as follows: the user no longer uses a password made up of four digits to unlock his terminal, but a form made up of several dots on a grid suggesting that there are more possible combinations and therefore the whole is potentially safer …

Android schema

This is indeed the case, but according to a recent Norwegian study, humans are too predictable and the system therefore wants to be less effective than a standard password, or at best, equivalent.

77% of users thus start their diagram with one of the corners. 44% start from elsewhere in the upper left corner and the majority of users use only four nodes, for the sake of simplicity and speed.

Android Diagram

Worse, too many users would choose a motif presented in the form of a letter, with their initial in the first place … With four knots, there are only 1624 combinations, with 5 the number goes to 7162 … For more security, it would therefore be necessary to at least opt ​​for a 6-knot pattern, starting from the center and opt for a plot offering crossings …

Finally, the last obvious tip: remember to clean the surface of your smartphone, otherwise your fingerprints will reveal your unlocking pattern.