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USA: Verizon tests two Apple prototypes?

The news is tightens from AT & T’s direct competitor in recent days. In fact, we first learned that Verizon said it was open to offer the iPhone on his network. Subsequently, we learned that the operator would be in negotiation with Apple for many months. These negotiations have even been conducted so far by Apple's C.E.O., Steve Jobs, despite his state of health which has not been in good shape in recent months.

Today, it's around BusinessWeek to put on a layer again since he claims that the second largest American operator, Verizon, would have been entrusted by Apple, two prototypes, in order to carry out a series of tests on its network.

Still according to the same source, one of these prototypes would look like an elite iPhone (smaller, thinner and priced lower than the current iPhone).

The other contraption looks like a kind of multimedia tablet that allows you to listen to music, watch HD videos and VoIP. This prototype would also embark, a notch multitouch.

We discuss it on the forum.

(( BusinessWeek )