USA: two vacant schools due to an iPhone

USA: two vacant schools due to an iPhone

Two schools were vacated on Wednesday in the state of Georgia in the United States following an SMS announcing, by mistake, the arrival of a gunman in these establishments. In question, the iPhone spell checker …


Two schools of Georgia in the United States were vacated Wednesday following an SMS announcing the arrival of a gunman in these establishments, reports the Gainesville Times. It was an SMS sent, by mistake, by one of the students whose spell checker on his iPhone unfortunately changed the direction of the message.

This student wished to send the message “gunna be at West Hall today” (Editor's note: I will be West Hall today) but the spell checker on his smartphone transformed the message, without his editor's knowledge, by “gunman be at West Hall today ”(Editor's note: a gunman will be West Hall today). By an accumulation of bad luck, the message author also got the wrong recipient. It was an unknown person who received the false information. The latter quickly reacted by notifying the police. Local authorities reacted on the spot by sending several police teams to quickly evacuate the two establishments.

"It was a combination of exceptional circumstances"said Sergeant Stephen Wilbanks. “We want to point out that the recipient reacted correctly to the message.”

The iPhone spell checker is often the subject of criticism due to editorial errors that occur on a regular basis. Better to be extra careful if you use this feature. Note that the iPhone allows you to deactivate the spell checker in the iOS settings settings.

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(Source: The Telegraph via Gaineville Times)