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USA: The iPhone 3G sold without any restrictions!

IPhone 3G has also sold since last week unlocked in the USA. These 3G iPhones are now sold in Apple Stores and AT&T stores at the price of $ 599 for the 8Gb model and $ 699 for the 16Gb model.

At first, information had fallen on the fact that sales restrictions still applied. Note that you had to be a customer of the AT&T operator and that you still had to sign for a new contract with the same operator.

The last news, it would be nothing! IPhone 3G is sold all – done freely, without any restrictions! Even better, the limit of an iPhone 3G sold per person would not even be an application.

This could interest people who are going to the United States soon and who are not particularly in a hurry to buy the iPhone V3 as soon as it is announced and available for sale.

The news also shows Apple and AT&T want to get the most out of their iPhone 3G stocks.

The iPhone 3G which is certainly no longer produced will perhaps be rarer to find in a few weeks !?

We discuss it on the forum.

[[ Apple Insider | Thanks Wulfgar for the info]