USA: Apple in negotiation with Verizon

Verizon, the direct competitor of the exclusive operator (iPhone) AT&T, would be well in active negotiations with Apple regarding the marketing of the iPhone on its network.

Steve Jobs is said to have actively participated in his negotiations while he was on rest.

We learned a few days ago that the operator was very interested in being able to offer the iPhone to its customers. Only concern, the standard of their network (CDMA) which is currently not compatible with the current iPhone.

If the negotiations are successfully completed, Apple could very well offer a variant of the iPhone compatible with the CDMA network or is in the process of setting up the LTE (4G) network which should start in 2010.

AT&T, which is under the cover of an exclusivity contract arriving at the end of 2010, understands on the other hand, keep exclusivity iPhone in the United States.

It is not said that the first American operator will be able to take advantage of this windfall for a long time in the sense that Apple wants its iPhone to be offered as widely as possible and more by an exclusive operator per country.

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(( Engadget )