US judge wants to ban iPhone 7 and 8 in the US

US judge wants to ban iPhone 7 and 8 in the US

iPhoneAnother blow for Apple in the war against Qualcomm. This time, the two local companies are on American soil. Judge MaryJoan McNamara has the bad news.

As in Germany or China, Apple is accused of patent infringement by Qualcomm on the iPhone 7 and 8. For memory, they are equipped in Intel modems, but would be strongly inspired by Qualcomm technologies.

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An air of dj seen for Apple

As we have discussed several times, these are three patents that can save battery while improving the transit of data in the iPhone modem chips.

The US court therefore ruled in favor of Qualcomm's motion to ban the importation of certain iPhone models to the United States. For the moment, this decision is not binding and will be examined by the Committee on International Trade (ITC).

If the decision is confirmed, Apple would be in a bad position given the latest downturn in sales of iPhone.

While in Germany, Apple ad to manufacture new phones with chips Qualcomm to stem the loss of 15% market share in a few weeks, the United States it could be much worse given the volumes involved. has not yet listed the exact models concerned. obviously, Apple does not want to hear about blocking, but will it have a choice?

Finally, in a statement, Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm's solicitor, said he was satisfied with the decision and, for his part, Apple did not respond to the solicitations.