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US government agency releases Blackberry for iPhone

US government agency releases Blackberry for iPhone

The US government agency responsible for transportation security (NTSB) plans to abandon the Blackberry smartphone of the Canadian group Research in Motion (RIM) in favor of the Apple iPhone 5, according to a notice published on its website.


"The NTSB wants to transition from Blackberry devices to the iPhone 5," said the notice in mid-November and was consulted by the AFP on Wednesday, citing "performance issues" from RIM devices. "These Apple devices will replace the current NTSB Blackberries, which have had failures at both the wrong time and with an unacceptable frequency," she said.

The NTSB recalls that it already uses Apple's iPad computer tablets and that it therefore already has infrastructures adapted to the platforms of the Apple group.

The Pentagon had already announced at the beginning of the month to have broken its exclusive contract with RIM, calling on competitors to offer it multifunction telephones. US Customs also released RIM to turn to the iPhone.

RIM, which has been losing momentum for several years, is playing its survival with its new generation of operating system and Blackberry 10 phones, which will be released on January 30.

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(Source: AFP.)