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US consumers trust banks more than Apple


Posted: March 6 2019
Updated: March 5, 2019

by Steve

Yes Apple is often celebrated as the best tech company in the world, but few Americans really trust it. In the latest study by SmarterHQ, the apple brand is not in the pole position of the companies that we trust the most.

The Cupertino company is placed in third position, behind … the banks. Yes, you read that right. While banks are constantly implicated in the economic problems of countries, this ranking admits that banking institutions are more trustworthy than Apple. In pole position, Amazon : 48.3% of the 1000 respondents, supposedly representative of the population, believe that the American logistics giant is the most reliable economic player. Google is in 4th position behind Apple.

apple confidence - United States: consumers trust banks more than Apple

A few points, however, call this survey into question: the first is that nothing has filtered out on the respondents. We do not know if they are representative in age, activity, ethnicity … And the second is that it classifies different actors who apparently have nothing in common – how to compare banks to hotels?

The fact remains that 86% of respondents are concerned about the confidentiality of their data; 90% are willing to share behavioral data to make their shopping experience easier; and 79% think businesses know too much about them. Paradoxical.